Natural GAS

GAZTEK provides complete solutions for planning, procuring, processing, managing, moving and trading Natural Gas energy, right from trade capture to accounting, risk, reporting and compliance. Natural gas has evolved into a global industry with disparate markets increasingly linked by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Companies that produce, distribute and trade natural gas face many challenges, including expanding their value chain due to thinner operating margins and the need for more timely intraday position and risk reporting. We deliver natural gas to our customers across Europe exploiting our pipeline transportation and storage network, and trade at the main hubs and cross-border points. Under a very much perceived Group with solid budgetary foundation, GAZTEK works with districts, dealers, wholesalers and industrials. We offer adaptable arrangements and organized items to our clients.

We give an entire front-to-back office arrangement, from exchange catch, breaking points, valuations and market and credit chance administration to position observing, control booking and additionally gas selections, through to invoicing, compromise and announcing. Thus, procedures are streamlined and the business gets all the more auspicious and exact data for basic leadership. What's more, with the greater part of your exchanging action completely coordinated in one arrangement, the data required by controllers for REMIT and EMIR consistence is promptly accessible.


Gas Supply, Distribution and Trading

GAZTEK provides a complete front-to-back office solution for gas supply, distribution and trading, covering physical gas in both vaporous and melted shape and subsidiaries. We are focused on remaining at the front line of administrative changes by working intimately with controllers, clearing houses, specialist organizations and exchange information vaults to address our customers' administrative difficulties – and we have as of now conveyed various new capacities including CFTC Position Limits Monitoring, Swap Data Repository Reporting and Clearing Workflows. Our technology investments, such as the GAZTEK in-memory database, ensure our solutions can scale as your business grows and can keep up with demands from regulators and the business for real-time risk and position management.

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